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NCA Co-Chairs

President Shelton and Provost Hay have appointed Dr. Beth Mitchneck, Associate Dean of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences and Associate Professor of Geography and Regional Development, and Randy Richardson, Professor of Geosciences as the co-chairs for the North Central Association (NCA) 2010 accreditation process. The co-chairs are the central hub of the University's accreditation process, provide vision and structure for it and are ultimately responsible for the production of a self-study report. The Co-Chairs provides guidance and practical advice to the Working-Team Chairs and membership. They provide critical functions such as coordination, synthesis and make sure the working teams have the data and resources they require. The Co-Chairs ascertain whether the working teams are on schedule, act as a filter between teams to avoid duplicity, and make sure there aren't any significant gaps in their research, and ensure that teams are working in a coordinated fashion.

After the Working Teams have completed their drafts, it is the Co-Chairs' responsibility to make sure the self-study report is woven together, vetted, edited, and published within the designated timeframe. The self-study must address each of the HLC's criteria, while creating a document that that supports the University in Bridging to the Future.

Beth Mitchneck
Beth Mitchneck, Associate Dean
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences
Randy Richardson
Randy Richardson, Professor
Department of Geosciences
The University of Arizona